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A few hours before the hotly anticipated Closed Beta release of Riot’s new FPS VALORANT, the official VALORANT discord created a helpful tool for those looking to get a step ahead. The VALORANT-Wiki-Bot is available to all users in the discord server. With a simple command, the bot will provide any information on a certain agent, weapon, or ability.
While waiting for the Beta to officially open, feel free to try out the “!trivia” command to test your knowledge of the game so far. The trivia command quizzes the user on various topics like prices of weapons and ability names. A fun way to keep yourself busy while waiting in queue for matches as well.
Finally, there is the “!extra” command, that provides a few more commands users can invoke. In the extras command, the bot can choose an agent for you to play in the next round, display the specs your computer needs to run VALORANT, as well as highlight the bot’s ping. You can find the official VALORANT discord here.
Be sure to head over to Twitch on April 3rd for your chance to earn a beta-drop from various streamers. Closed beta starts April 7th!
Featured image courtesy of Riot Games
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